Samsung Galaxy XCover 4 Revealed!

The next generation in Samsung’s XCover series was hinted at for many months, and now it’s finally here…well, almost. Rumours of the device had first started out as an inkling, then there was a suspicious Wi-Fi cert for an unnamed Samsung product, then it cleared the FCC requirements, and now it’s specs are out.

Introducing the Samsung Galaxy XCover 4.


It’s releasing…when?

The phone is rumoured to be released in April. However, if it is released around that time, there’s the problem that its sales could clash its more anticipated cousin, the Samsung Galaxy S8 (releasing on the 29th March). Though, it could be said that the market for Xcover ruggedized phones are slightly different from the market for the sleek Galaxy series phones. Either way, we are looking forward to the XCover 4’s release.

But first, let’s have a look at its features.

Waterproof, dustproof, mud-proof – that’s IP68 for you

As well as withstanding impact and drops, the phone is specifically intended to withstand water, dust, humidity, and mud. You can apparently use the phone in places with extreme temperatures. These features are what distinguishes the XCover 4 from the less bulky Samsung Galaxy S series and Galaxy A (2017) series.

The Samsung Galaxy XCover 4 has is IP68 certified water and dust resistant rating; this allows the phone to submerge in up to 1.5 metres of water. It is also certified as a military standard phone (MIL-STD-810 certified).

Image from GSM Arena - XCover 4 has IP68 certification (Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4, 2017)


XCover 4 features a 5.0-inch Touchscreen, and according to GSM Arena, the screen to body ratio is approx. 64.3%. This is around the same size as a Samsung Galaxy A5 (2017), and 0.8-inches less than a Samsung Galaxy s8.

The Samsung Galaxy XCover 4’s display has dimensions of 720 x 1280 pixels (294 ppi).

Image from - The XCover 4 design (Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4, 2017)


The new XCover 4 has a rubberised coating to protect against scratches and impact. As you can see from the image, the sides are jagged instead of smooth. Overall, it looks like a phone designed for an active lifestyle or heavy-duty business while also maintaining a typical smartphone aesthetic.

The phone has three buttons at the front, which is reminiscent of older Samsung models. Current iterations of flagship smartphones are slowly losing its home buttons; opting for more screen space or simply changing it to a haptic sensor like those on the iPhone 7. Perhaps future XCover phones will be able to ditch the buttons as well. But in a way the buttons are also beneficial in that it allows access to the phone even while wearing thick gloves.

Dimensions: 146.2 x 73.3 x 9.7 mm


Sources does not indicate that the Samsung Galaxy XCover 4 will have fast battery charging. That is perhaps one downfall for the phone. Fast battery charging is a desirable feature found in many Samsung phones. The upcoming S8 will have fast charging. However, perhaps the extra pixel in the XCover 4’s primary camera can make up for this.


The latest XCover will have 16 GB internal memory storage, 2GB of RAM, and a microSD card slot that can store up to 256 GB data. This is significantly less than that of a Samsung Galaxy S7 (lowest 32 GB) and S8 (lowest 64 GB). That being said, 16 GB is still a reasonable amount of data, and coupled with a microSD, it would take you days to deplete your XCover’s memory.

To put this into perspective, the XCover 3 (its predecessor) only had half the amount of internal memory capacity – 8GB, 1.5 GB RAM. So the XCover is already a remarkable upgrade and perfect for its target/niche market.

Image from CNet - 13 Mp f/1.9 back camera and 5Mp front camera (Gottsegen, 2017)


Like I mentioned before, the XCover 4’s primary camera is a megapixel bigger than the S8’s. This is good news for adventurers, builders, and other active people who want to have a tough phone as well as great photos.

The XCover will have 13MP primary camera with LED flash, and a secondary (front facing camera/selfie) camera with 5MP. The device can also take 1080p videos.

Our Verdict

Though, it’s not quite the comeback material – and it’s not; the Samsung Galaxy S8 is – the XCover 4 is still a promising device. The ruggedized features, the reasonable cameras, and the overall utility makes it a highly beneficial product to those with active lifestyles.

The Samsung Galaxy XCover 4 ruggedized phone will run Android v7.0 ‘Nougat’ out of the box, and be released sometime in April after the release of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 and S8+ in March.

And when it comes out, we at Strike will be hot on its heels to release a specific phone holder for the Samsung Galaxy XCover 4 device.

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