Reasons why the Samsung Galaxy S8 is the best phone yet

After many months of speculation, the Samsung Galaxy S8 is finally out!

The eyes of the world were on Samsung — to make sure this new device is right — any little hitch will cost them more than it would cost anyone else. This was to be their chance to redeem themselves; they humbly waited until after the Mobile WC to reveal its Samsung Galaxy S8 to the world.

Let’s see if the company did enough to restore its reputation, bring back its old customers, and attract some new ones, too.




The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a 12 MP Dual Pixel Sensor in its back-facing camera and an 8MP front-facing camera. With this smartphones camera, you can take decent pictures in low light as well.

Two sizes

One of the leaked rumours was that there would be two sizes of the Samsung Galaxy S8. And that’s true. We’ve got both a S8 and an S8+. Both phones have the same design features, except one is clearly longer than the other.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 model is 5.8" and the Samsung Galaxy S8+ model is 6.2''.



The phone features an 'Infinity Display' which Samsung describes as a 'full-frontal, edge-to-edge screen' — meaning, it curves around the edges, thus removing the bezel (the frame that holds the screen in place).


Screen Display

Samsung Australia's website gushes about the bezel—less screen's high immersion. The company remarks on how the S8 breaks through 'the confines of the smartphone screen'. This is what the competition between smartphone manufacturers has led to: whether something is more real than the one before. One is bound question what is the point of having that extra bit of screen.

Due to the uniqueness of the screen length and aspect ratio, there might be issues with certain video applications. According to Unbox Therapy, when playing Youtube videos, the black bezels commonly seen in the iPhone 7 and iPhone7 Plus smartphones return.

Nevertheless, it is different to what we've seen before. No one can deny the phone's beauty.

No Home Button

In lieu of a physical home button, you get an entire front screen made from glass. However, there's still be a 'fake' home button and 'fake' navigation buttons built into the screen. Like the iPhone 7 faux home button, the device will have a pressure sensing haptic response when you press your finger on the area where the home button is supposed to be.



64 GB storage + micro SD slot for further expanded storage. (That's 2x what you got in the S7 last year.)

Iris Scanning and Face Recognition


However, the official website does say that there may be instances where iris scanning and facial recognition features do not function. The kind of situation is beyond me, but it does make one doubt the accuracy of the security features.


You can text while you're watching videos. That's something you cannot do with an iPhone 7/Plus.


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Have your own virtual assistant. Bixby is more than a voice recognition program; you can use Bixby to research about something by simply taking a photo of it. This feature will not be released with the phone on the 21st April.

New Samsung Gear 360 VR and Controller


The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ are compatible with the Samsung Gear VR that is powered by Oculus.

The Gear 360 is also compatible with previous model smartphones: S7, S7 edge, Note5, S6 edge+, S6, and S6 edge.

Wireless charging pad

Samsung is coming out with many accessories for the S8 this year. They introduced the wireless charging pad; simply place your phone on the stand-like platform and it will essentially begin to charge. This is clearly a step-forward from Google Pixel's lack of wireless charging capabilities.

Smartphone Covers

They have various Samsung Galaxy S8/+ official cases and covers on their website. These cases such as the Clear Covers and LED Covers are designed specifically for the phone. This is great for consumers because of the drastically different design of this phone that may not allow conventional cases to protect it. Looks like Samsung's got it all covered for its official release on April 21st.

Strike's Verdict

Prior to this, we released a blog discussing the various 'rumours' leaked online regarding the features of the S 8. We discussed every piece of information with the Sword of Damocles hanging over our heads — knowing that we would get some wrong. However, it seems most of the rumours were affirmed by this release.

The S8 is an amazing piece of technology and without a doubt this heralds the beginning of a new wave of phone designs. It'
s now up to Apple to beat this phone with its iPhone 8 (rumoured name: iPhone Edition) this year.

Now the Samsung Galaxy S 8 has been revealed, next in line will probably be the Samsung Galaxy XCover 4. Wi—Fi certification and data has already been released on GSMArena and other such sites. But I do not think it will not steal the limelight from the S8 just yet.

Strike Alpha Cradle

Strike Group is world-leading in innovative hands-free technology and a partner of Samsung via SEAP (Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program). They have designed and developed another phone holder and this time it's for the Samsung Galaxy S8.

The Alpha Cradles are innovative, durable device holders that can hold, charge, and protect your Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ while you drive. Installation is easy; it has a built—in charger that connects to the phone as you dock it. Simply mount the Alpha Car Cradle onto your car, dock your smartphone onto it, and you'll be ready to drive.

Designed to withstand up to 25g, the Alpha Cradle is a sturdy and durable system — perfect for your new phone that you don't want to be damaging within days.

You will no longer need to spend excessive money on other aftermarket solutions when you have a system that is much faster and updates more frequently: your own Samsung Galaxy S8 or S8+!

Strike is currently accepting pre–orders for the Samsung Galaxy S8 Alpha Car Cradle. Order yours today, simply go to