Google Pixel Review

In October of last year, Google released its first in-house developed smartphone, the Google Pixel and Google Pixel XL.


Following the trend that was first made popular by Samsung and then followed by Apple, the Google Pixel flagship phone is also released in a larger version: the Google Pixel XL.

With the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 incapacitated indefinitely, now is the perfect opportunity for Google to enter the market with their brand new handheld mobile gadget.

Let’s take a look at its features.


The Pixel currently boasts the world’s best camera in mobile device. And sources claim that this is the phone’s ‘main feature’. It is the highest rated smartphone camera according to the DxO Mark Mobile evaluation site.


    –  12.3 MP
    –  f/2.0 aperture

You can now take crisp and sharp images in any type of life (low light, bright light).

The Google Assistant

Basically, just a better Siri.

This allows you to do voice activated searches, and keep quick tabs for everyday tasks. It can even translate ‘on-the-go’, which is a highly beneficial factor for travelling.

The Google Assistant is designed so it can properly integrate with the pre-installed Google applications. Many phones already have the Google apps, but none has a more direct connection with its updates and programs than the Google smartphone itself.

Now you can access your Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Home, etc. more efficiently.

820 Snapdragon Processor

The 820 Snapdragon Processor is fast and responsive, which allows fluid access to your Android apps.

3.5 mm Audio Jack

The Google Pixel has one. The iPhone 7 does not. (enough said)

Kidding, Google itself has made jabs at Apple for not including an audio jack in its latest iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. There are benefits to both.

Keeping an audio jack means providing an alternative to Apple and Samsung. But even though some people are unhappy about Apple’s bold move to get rid of the jack, there are still plenty of people buying it up like candy. Expensive candy.

And then they buy wireless earphones.

Perhaps some would grumble as they swipe their card at the counter for investing into another piece of transient technology. Perhaps they would hesitate as they walk up back to their cars with their new phone and earphones in their hands. Perhaps they would silently sob on their way back to their house.

But in the end they will still go home, switch their phones on, and plug them buds in their ears. They will forget about it, for a while. For a few slow months. For a fraction of their routine lives.

And probably only register a faint, dull pain when their new phone smashes on the gravel as they head off to work one cold day. But even then, they would just stare at it for a bit. Blink at it. Curse, even.

Then, they would sigh, pick it up, rubbing absentmindedly at the unbecoming cracks, and live on.

USB-C Charging

More and more devices are opting for the USB-C port. And this works for the Google Pixel because the USB-C port makes it an extremely fast charging phone.

The USB-C can be plugged in without worrying about which side is the right way, much like Apple’s Lightning charger. The USB-C is used in many newer laptop and tablet models as well.

The Google Pixel smartphone therefore makes charging a lot easier.


Phone design seems to be at a stall. Every phone being released looks similar in shape, size and design to the iPhone 7.

The Google Pixel is 5-inches, and the Pixel XL is 5.5 inches.

The phone has a very minimalistic interface; it does not have a Home Button beneath the screen. Instead, it has a fingerprint reader on both sides. The fingerprint scanner mounted on the back of the phone is encased in a panel of glass (enforcing the fact that it cannot charge wirelessly).

Currently, the features for this scanner aren’t that many: it functions as a scanner and can change the notification colour.

VR – Daydream compatible

Daydream is a VR headset, and Google’s answer to the virtual reality trend. Currently VR systems are on the rise – its novelty is contagious once you try it. The Google Pixel is designed to be used with the Daydream to facilitate hours of VR for gamers.

Sources indicate that the Pixel XL is the preferred version for the Google Daydream, as the better resolution allows for a better overall experience.

Limited internal storage capacity

The phones have up to 128 GB of storage. A downfall is the internal storage capacity is lacking.

However, because it is Google, everything you record and take using the Google camera is stored directly online in the Cloud.

Not water resistant

Some sources have not been impressed that the Pixel cannot be exposed to water for too long. However, I believe the other features mentioned above outweigh the lack of water resistance. But perhaps Google should think about making their phones waterproof for more marketability reasons.

As people are getting increasingly attached to their smartphones, they find the need to use it everywhere. Even in the bath, shower, or pool.

Having a bubble bath? Post a pic on Instagram about it.

Drinking a bottle of Vodka at the poolside, all alone, and bawling your eyes out? Blog about it.

People need their waterproof phones, Google. Get with it.

No Pen

This is probably a pet peeve I share with other Samsung users. Even in the XL version of the Google Pixel, there is no detachable pen. How are people on the go expected to jot down a quick note or two without a pen?

Don’t get me wrong, the iPhones also do not come with pens attached. This really should be considered by all the major phone brands now.

Phones are no longer just for taking calls, texting, and listening to music. The sheer size of the Samsung Galaxy Note series is there for a reason: phablets are fabulous devices for writing.

Now, dear reader, what is the point of having a large, chunkier device? Perhaps the smaller one might suit you better after all.

The Alpha Car Cradle

Google Maps is no doubt far superior to some of the outdated GPS in cars these days. But even so, the Google Pixel will need a constant source of charge or else it may not last your whole trip!

We at Strike have designed and produced a cradle/phone holder specific to the Google Pixel and Pixel XL.

The Strike Alpha Car Cradle is an ergonomic system developed to charge and protect your phone while holding it in place as you drive.

It’s very easy to use. It has an in-built USB-C charger that attaches to the corresponding USB-C port in the Pixel. Simply attach the Alpha Car Cradle for the Google Pixel onto your car, dock your smartphone onto it, and you’ll be ready to drive.

Designed to withstand up to 25g, the Alpha Cradle is a sturdy and durable system – perfect for your new phone that you don’t want to be damaging within days.

You will no longer need to spend excessive money on other aftermarket solutions when you have a system that is much faster and updates more frequently: your Google Pixel.

Purchase a Strike Alpha Car Cradle today!