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We think that GPS Tracking for fleets is expensive. We think that it uses old redundant technology and we have done something about it. In short, we have developed a solution that uses your Android smart phone as a GPS Tracking device. Simply put, we have removed a lot of costs from the traditional GPS tracking solution because it is already in your smart phone. You are probably spending somewhere between $2200-$3000 over 5 years per vehicle on GPS Tracking. We can reduce this to around $500 saving your business around $2000 / vehicle over the same period…even if you already have a system installed.

How do we do this? Because we use your smart phone as a GPS tracking device removing the need for additional GPS tracking hardware, installation and sim cards.

Now of course smart phones that use GPS, drain battery. As part of our solution, we include a smart phone cradle that will power the phone when the GPS tracking is on. How does it work? Our application turns the GPS on and off automatically when the car is turned on and off. Once the system is configured, the phone tracks the vehicle in the background without any input from the user.

Take it for a test drive yourself. Simply download the App onto your smart phone & install it onto your handset to begin your free 30 day trial.