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Carcomm Products

Dear customer, please note that the Carcomm Cradle range has been discontinued. Please refer to our Strike Alpha Cradle range to find the best car cradle suitable to your mobile phone.

Carcomm produces a wide range of quality products, to install your mobile phone, smartphone, iPhone, PDA or iPod in your vehicle. Each Carcomm cradle comes with a unique and patented cradle design, which uses injection molding manufacturing to ensure a perfect fit. 

Integrated in the holder is an efficient charging circuit (suitable for 12V & 24V) which powers and charges your device. This will keeps your phone charged and ready for use inside and outside your car. The included antenna coupler allows the connection of an external antenna to reduce interference or make best use of a weak signal. 

To mount the Carcomm car cradle into the vehicle you can make use of the included rotating swivel-mount. This can be mounted in the vehicle with the included screws. There are also a variety of other mounting solutions available like for example dash mounts and safety-mounts.